Monday, April 7, 2014

Building Confidence Day 4

Award yourself marks out of ten for how satisfied you are with:
■ Your physical attributes: health, fitness and appearance.
■ Your emotional make-up: are you happy, a loving person, caring and
considerate, calm and secure?
■ Your intellect: your intelligence, skills and qualifications.
■ Your social skills: how comfortable you feel in social situations and
what you believe others think of you.
Reflect on why you have given yourself these marks.

Physical Attributes
 As I have told you earlier in some of my posts of how I look. But then let me post a photo of mine of how I look.

Here's a picture of mine with less makeup and casual look.
I am petite, medium to dark skin tone, Long frizzy and wavy hair, poor eye vision that's why I use Contact lens, Skinny.
I don't have any daily exercise routine, just a 5-minute jump rope or cycling whenever I like.
I sleep late every night, drink a lot of soda and eat a lot of sweets. 
So for the first category I'll give myself 6 out of 10.
I have to change my sleeping habits, lessen the intake of soda and sweets.

I am a shy type of person, I usually just stay in our room whenever there are parties, I am also insecure and paranoid at times.Sometimes I easily get irritated and mad, I have trust issues especially when making friends. But whenever I am with someone whom I trust, They tell me I am Happy-Go-Lucky kind of girl, Funny and loud. I'll give myself a score of 4 out ten for this. I need to improve my socialization skills, positive thinking and try to make friends.

When I was in preparatory school, I am a kind of student who would make her teachers go mad. I don't write notes, I can't read and I am the most talkative student in the class. But then when I entered High School I promised myself to be a part of the class top 10 and so I did, though I did not graduated in high school with distinction.
I had a hard time deciding what course and where to study in college. I ended up getting BSE-Eng, I had a hard time coping up with the some of the subjects like algebra and natsci. that's why I failed and finished my studies just this October. I took the IQ test and I got the average score. I was thinking "What if I took the course that I love?" will I excel, get good grades, graduate on time or even get a good job? But then, I'll have to trust God with his plans for me. For my Intellect I'll give myself a rate of 6 out of 10.

I am not used to socializing though I'd love to try. I want to make friends with a lot of people. For this category I'll give myself a 4. I need to go out and meet new and old friends. Try to be confident and smile.