Sunday, June 1, 2014

Keep Calm and Watch Movies

We are all lucky for being able to live and experience the advantages of Technology Moreover; it became an essential part of our lives as we use it for communication, transportation, Health, Discoveries , Creation of Products and also for Human Entertainment.

Speaking of Entertainment, I would like to thank those genius minds who started and created “Films or Motion Pictures” because of them we are all enjoying the product of their hard work and perseverance. Imagine, films back then were merely just Pictures moving  (just like GIF) No Sound, Usually has no Plot nor Story and lasts for only 15-30 seconds. While the first movie "shows," which lasted 5-8 minutes, were a collection of these short scenes: a train arriving at a station, a man watering his garden, men playing cards, people getting off of a ferry boat and a street vendor selling his wares.

Nowadays, our movie experience has already improved. From just plain Cinemas with premiere and deluxe seats now we have 2d theaters,3D and even 4Dx! Cool!! It makes me fall in Love in Movies and If there is one movie that that made me fall in love to watch movies again it would be “The Mission Impossible 1-4”.
You’re maybe thinking why a kikay girl like me would love those stuff, So here’s why Mission Impossible made me fall in love :
  •        The forever young lead actor: Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt (please take a picture with me too!!)
  •     Cool Gadgets and Car: Self destructing telephone booths, Explosive Gums, Sticky gloves, Scanning contact lenses, Face mask printers, Computer that could hack a system and a lot more!!
  •    Jaw dropping Stunts! From No sweat, No sound, No touch scene at MI1 to Run-all-you-can at MI3 and my favorite scene at Burj Khalifa, No Doubles or Stunt man, Just pure TOM! 

I’m really excited for the next Mission Impossible and I won’t miss it for the world! 
Luckily, I have seen an app which is helpful in updating me for the latest movies coming this month. It’s called “GMovies”

What is GMovies?
A first and only one of its kind in the country, GMovies allows you to begin your movie going experience anytime, anywhere! Stay updated with the current and upcoming movie releases on cinemas nationwide, get the best seats and buy your movie tickets straight on your smartphones! Powered by Globe Telecom, this film-tastic mobile app is FREE for download for both Android and iOS users.

To give you an Idea here's what it looks like

As you can see there are 4 options available. First is the Now Showing options which displays the movie that are already played in Cinemas, Second option is the "Coming Soon" option which displays the movies that will be played soon, Third is the "Cinema" option where you can choose  and book movies near your location (so make sure to allow the location option when asked) The last button is the My Tickets option which displays the tickets that you have already purchased.

Try this Cool App now so you never have to wait long lines just to get your Tix and have the best movie date ever!!

More Info here: GMovies FB
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                       GMovies Youtube
So How about you?What movie made you fall in love with watching movies?


*credits to the owners of the photos