Monday, June 9, 2014

Samples @

One thing about being a beauty junkie is that we always want to guarantee if it is effective and if it product fits our skin because we don't want to end up with breakouts, rash or any other skin problems and here in the Philippines not all malls or stores give free sachet samples of their products unlike in other countries. In other Countries they give sachet sample products that you can test overnight.
So to all Beauy Junkies out there Try visiting  
They are giving away free samples for you to try on. But each products have an equivalent points and to earn points you have to make a qualified review in order to gain back the points and get other samples. As you sign up you automatically have 100 points but if you want to get more points you can purchase their VIP which is 1000 points for 699 pesos or refer friends which gives you 1 point or join their contests.

In checking-out you will be the one to handle the shipping fee which is 100 pesos and you are only allowed to have 3 products per transaction the fourth product will be considered new transaction so make sure to use your points wisely.

Here's my samples:

Hurry Up! Sign Up and start reviewing!!