Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Unlocking the Sherlock Skill: Never Forget a detail

If you were given a chance to unlock unlock one of the following skills, What would you pick and why?
a. Type faster and flawlessly.
b. Never forget any detail.
c. Create awesome presentation decks.
d. Multitask at any given time.
This is such a tough question. Everything in the choices is an important skill, but as a true blue Sherlock fan and a future teacher I'll . 

As a Sherlock fan, I really envy Sherlock Holmes' ability to remember small details and from that small details he was able to deduce and solve crimes. I remember one scene from season 1 episode 2, A dead banker was seen from his apartment holding a gun with his right hand

DI Dimmock: We're obviously looking at a suicide.
Watson: That does seem the only explanation of all the facts.
Sherlock: Wrong. It's one possible explanation of some of the facts. You've got a solution that you like but you're choosing to ignore anything that doesn't comply with it.
DI Dimmock: Like?
Sherlock: The wound's on the right side of his head.
DI Dimmock: And?
Sherlock: Van Coon was left-handed. {demonstrating} Requires quite a bit of contortion.
DI Dimmock: Left-handed?
Sherlock: I'm amazed you didn't notice. All you have to do is look around this flat. Coffee table on the left-hand side. Coffee mug handle pointing to the left. Power sockets, habitually used the one's on the left. Pen and paper on the left hand side of the phone because he picked it up with his right and took down messages with his left. Do you want me to go on?
Watson: No I think you've covered it.
Sherlock: Oh I might as well I'm almost at the the bottom of the list. There's a knife on the bread board with butter on the right side of the blade because he used it with his left. It's highly unlikely that a left-handed man would shoot himself in the right side of his head. Conclusion: someone broke in here and murdered him. Only explanation of all the facts.
DI Dimmock: But the gun. I—
Sherlock: He was waiting for the killer. He'd been threatened.

I was really impressed after watching this scene, It also makes me wanna build my own  to store more knowledge and details on my head and use all my senses to observe a crime scene.   

While for a soon to be a teacher like me, I need to prepare myself physically, mentally and emotionally for the real battle ground "The Classroom" loaded up with students with different learning styles and different personalities. Having a a keen attention to details and good memory is one of the most important skill that every teacher should have because you can either make or break a student with what you teach (there is no room for mistakes!) and also this upcoming Licensure Exam for teachers this August. I need to refresh and remember our old lessons from Gen. Ed Subjects to Major subjects in just 2 months. I am already running out of time but I'll always make sure to take a break once in a while to avoid pressure and stress.

Speaking of taking a break, Join the #kitkatbreakmovement Remember Chocolates are good snacks while taking exams because it improves the blood flow making your brain work. So have a break, Have a Kitkat and see how you make the Impossible, Possible.

So how about you what would you choose?
Comment you answers below

I remember my mom coming home with 2 piles these! Promise Kitkat We weren't hoarding!!