Friday, July 25, 2014

LET it Go #KitKatBreakmovement

July is almost over and for us future teachers, Judgement day is coming! 
This August 17, 2014, It would be my first time to take the Licensure Exam for Teachers.
As months, weeks and days passed by everything becomes very stressful and confusing.

With just a month of preparation,everything from general education subjects to major subjects must be reviewed and remembered by heart. Passing LET is the aim of every man who graduated from BS-Ed.

Preparing for LET is not easy. Especially for a girl like me who hated Math (which is also included in our exam) since from the start. Taking a break from all the stress is really important for me because it gives me time to relax and forget all the fears and worries I have.

If there would be a chance to unlock another skill (aside from never forgetting a detail), I want to unlock the skill of having a  deep concentration so I can concentrate and focus in what I must do in order to achieve my long-term and short-term goals.

Being able to focus is one of the most important skill we need to have and practice because it  enables one to focus the mind on anything at will, without being distracted by thoughts,personal problems and enviroment.

According to :
You need this ability when you read, study, meditate, work or while doing almost anything else. It helps you:

- Control of your thoughts
- Gain inner peace
- Free your mind from futile and annoying thoughts
 -Improve your memory
 -Improve your ability to study
- Conserve your energies
- Work more efficiently
- Improve meditation
- Strengthen your intuition
And much more…

See how beneficial having a good concentration? We can get away in every situation if we have it!
But remember to take a break once in a while, Don't feel pressured and enjoy every moment of it!


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