Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sweet Endings with My Cadbury Barkada

This day has been a little tiring for all of us although its weekend, Saturday is one of the days I hate the most because it's a "General cleaning day" for all of us. Tho today was a little different, Our house is under renovation and we are all asked to move things out in our garage, from dining table, sala set and some kitchen materials. Its little worse than our usual routine. 
We believe in the saying that "There is always something good in everyday" and thankfully at the end of this day we found it.

We found our sweet ending for this day through Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates. After all the work, We enjoyed sharing and munching this bars of happiness and even enjoyed taking lots of selfies despite the gloomy weather.

Cadbury is one of my favorite chocolate brands since I was a kid and I won't mind getting fat because it satisfies my sweet-tooth cravings. Cadbury is available in all leading supermarkets and convenient stores nationwide, We got ours from Mini-Stop for only 33 pesos and also there's a smaller version of it for only 16 pesos. So try it now and have a Sweet endings with your Barkada. Share this treat and be the "Best Friend Ever"

Thanks for the sweet ending Cadbury! We enjoyed our long tiring day because of your sweet and mouth-watering chocolate bars.
Want something new? Try their Cadbury Recipes here:  Cadbury Yummy Recipes
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