Friday, August 1, 2014

Cadbury Sweet Endings

" All endings are also beginnings. We just don'y know it yet at the time " -Mitch Albom
I remember this line from one of the books I've read  and Yeah! It is true.
Sometimes,We people hate endings especially when we are having a special moment with someone or maybe something, Just like the end of our favorite book, our favorite movie, favorite song, Graduation and the end of our vacation. With every end  whether it's good or bad we have to accept it and move forward to be able to see what lies ahead of us and use our prior experiences to be better than yesterday.

Speaking of Endings, Let me share to you my sweet ending for July.
Last July 31, 2014, I was one of the lucky winners to watch the  first day screening of Guardians of the Galaxy at Shangri La Cineplex 2. I am with my sister and my cousin plus with my boyfriend ( who also won tix) and his cousin too. Being a bummer for months, I have no savings left Literally I didn't have any money that day because I've spent my last money buying Cadbury Chocolates just to win the contest (and here's the fruit of my sacrifice) and I thank them for giving me all what I need for that day (fare, dinner,and lots of fun), All I have is my vanity kit and my I.D.

Having been chosen to be there is a great privilege as you watch with bloggers, models and some familiar faces from the showbiz industry plus a chance to take home an Ipad mini and Cadbury Gift pack (Very Generous huh!). This event wouldn't be possible without Cadbury and Nuffnang Ph.

  Before watching the movie, Our Emcee started first with a little talk on How to eat chocolate the right way. I didn't know I was eating chocolate all my life the wrong way! There’s a ritual that makes the experience much more enjoyable.
1. RIP the exquisite royal purple and gold packaging. See the perfectly shaped mounds of chocolate with a smooth satin shine. The look of delicious chocolate. Smell the aroma. Imagine what it would taste like –and you know it will be good too.
2. Then you BITE into it. Listen for that satisfying snap.
3. Here comes the most awaited part: You savor it and let it MMM-Melt. Don’t ruin the experience by chewing and swallowing immediately. Let it roll over your tongue. Delight as the creamy taste washes over your mouth.
4. Then you ENJOY by repeating the ritual: Bite and MMM-Melt, Bite and MMM-Melt. Until the world MMM-Melts around you and you remember that all good things in life must really be savored

Remember this four steps and feel the moment with your Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates!

Aside from the talk there is also a mini game for barkadas

As if a delicious bar of chocolate isn’t enough for a sweet ending, Cadbury Dairy Milk also gives you and your friends a chance to enjoy many more sweet endings. The brand has exciting tie-ups with McDonald’s, Bon Chon Chicken and KFC so that you not only get to enjoy a delicious meal. It’s also capped off with smooth and creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk. Perhaps a Dairy Queen Blizzard with Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut will also strike your fancy.

Want to score some tickets like us? Try your Luck,Gather your barkada and get your Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates! Maybe this one is meant for you!

Join the #CadburySweetEndings Promo. This is open to followers of Cadbury Dairy Milk Philippines on Facebook and Instagram and runs from July 28, 2014 to September 21, 2014. Just upload a photo of yourself and your barkada inspired by the bi-weekly themes provided on the brand Facebook page.  Upload it either on Facebook, and/or Instagram with the hashtag #CadburySweetEndings.  If your photo is uploaded, call on your friends to like and share it. Winning photos will be chosen based on creativity, originality and likes. By joining, you get a chance to win movie passes for you and your friend, Cadbury Dairy Milk gift packs for sharing, and an iPad mini for each bi-weekly winner.

For details on this and other offerings, visit the Cadbury Dairy Milk Philippines Facebook Page (CadburyPh) and Instagram (@cadburyPHL).  Enjoy eating smooth and creamy chocolate and sweet endings with Cadbury Dairy Milk!

Thanks again Cadbury! The GOTG and the Purple box definitely gave us a sweet ending for July and A great start for August! More Power and sweetness

Have a Great Start and Have a Sweet Ending!
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