Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Avon's Meet the Matte in Matte Ruby

Lipstick is one of the most essential product that you should have in your vanity kit, 
A lipstick can transform your plain look into a sophisticated one and it can be your best friend when in times of rushing So better keep one that matches your style and undertone.
Recently, I got my Avon meet the matte lipstick in the shade of Matte Ruby from Avon's Giveaway! (Thanks Avon!) Here's my review about the product:

 Unlike other lipstick I know, It does not come in a box, just  a wrapper that contains the product information, For the lipstick tube, It looks sophisticated and a high-end cosmetic in its black tube.

Matte Ruby has pinkish-red hue. It is also pigmented which is a good thing about the product.

See that Avon Logo in the lipstick? Cool! just like a High-end cosmetic
Here are the swatches for the product:
without flash

with flash
  • When it comes to longevity of the product,considering that it is matte lipstick, It stays long and doesn't smudge easily. I tried wiping it a few times but there is still a hint of color left. 
  • The product is also easy to glide on my lips and unlike other matte lipstick it doesn't feel dry.
  • It also doesn't stick to glasses when I am drinking that's why I really love this product.
Price and Availabilty:
Original Price for this product is 379pesos which is quite expensive for me since I am a beauty-in-a-budget kind of girl. But whenever Avon is on Sale, Go grab the chance because they could sell it almost half the price!

Now my lips could be as avon's gorgeous ambassador Anne Curtis' (how I wish) and by the way here's my photo wearing the lipstick (sorry for the quality).

How about you are you going to buy this product?