Thursday, October 23, 2014

My First at Blogapalooza

Finally! After months and days of waiting for this Big event I was able to attend Blogapalooza! Lots of good stuff, people and fun filled activities for this day made especially for Bloggers!
I was with Zy Viray,Blogger of We came there at around 1 in the afternoon and tried to visit every booth!
First on my list was to visit Sample room's booth! Since I am already a member of their site I didn't have to register again and I easily got my loot from their booth! They also have an IG Photo contest for the most creative photo taken to be able to win a set of Burt's Bees products.

Curious what's inside the loot?(Soon to be revealed!)
At Flawless's booth, to be able to get their loot bag you must do their pop-a-zit challenge. I guess I'm good with this one that's why I got to bring home 4 bags.
My picture taken at Acer's photo booth! It comes with a passport like holder that is perfect for their Campaign. I also got to try their awesome gadgets.
Here's some photos taken at Sky Cable's Booth

 Register and you've got the chance to win an instant prize from them
 We also took sky cable's trivia challenge for a chance to win some premium items from their booth! But sad to say we only got 16points

We haven't taken a lot of pictures because of our excitement roaming around participating the activities  every booth has prepared for us.
Getting tired walking around we went to the stage,where there are celebrity and blogger guests and product presentation from different booths

So are you Curious what's inside the loot bags?
Here you go everyone!

Here are some of what I got to bring home.. The others were already taken/ Given to some of my relatives.

Until the next Blogapalooza!

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