Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sangobion Go Love Life!

One of the things you didn't know about me is that I have Iron deficiency Anemia and It sucks most of the time. Every time I look to the mirror I can see my pale colored lips and face which would result to putting a lot of makeup just to make it bright and alive. When I was a Grade 6 pupil, I had experienced a terrible headache (so terrible It's like I'm banging my head on the wall) My lips were pale and I feel really weak and that was the day they told me I have Anemia. My parents pushed me to eat a lots of food that contains iron and Vitamins.
 I'm still suffering from Anemia's wickedness; Easy to get tired, Pale,and Weak plus my bad sleeping habit.
But a few months ago I saw this TV ad about iron deficiency and It caught my attention since I feel the same way too, Curious what's the product? Continue reading!
I tried using Sangobion and did their 15-day challenge for a chance to win a 4k shopping spree!
and just my luck I've been one of the 40 winners chosen to shop till you drop (it's like hitting two birds with one stone)

So here's a sneak of what happened at Sangobion Go Love life Shopping Spree last October 18. 2014 at Shine Bakery,SM Aura.
The Before Look Shot!

 Here are some of the ladies I've met during the event (good thing some of them are bloggers too)

Mommy Ginger welcomes us first and gives us guidelines on this shopping event!
So here's what we're gonna do: We are formed in teams with our shopping buddies and we were asked to shop for a whole outfit and We have to Wear and show it.

Since I'm a fan of GTW by SM, I didn't have much problem styling clothes. I was able to buy a 2 tops, skirt and a shoes for exactly 2,500 (It's my first time to shop this big).
And now for my OOTD shot

I really enjoyed this event and I am really thankful for this blessing!
Shopping has been one of my best stress relievers since I got depressed from this whole job-search thing and Sangobion have have helped me to feel good inside and outside. So Ladies ,If you feel the same way too, why not try sangobion? It's perfect for us ladies especially pregnant women and lactating moms out there since most of ladies suffer from anemia.

What's inside the Loot Bag?
Try it for 15 days and Go love life! Make everyday a Red letter day!
Head on to: for more details about the product.
Like their FB Page: Sangobion Go Love Life
*All Photos from the evnt were taken from Sangobion's Facebook Page
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