Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hello 2015!

2014 is almost over and I wouldn't want to end this year without my year-end post.
Lots of things happened this year, there a re things you just want to forget and some are to be cherished. 
Remember those times when I said I bummed for months? No money, No work and Yeah that was the most hellish days of my life. I tried to find one but it seems like it really wasn't made for me, but those times led me back to my blog. Blogging became my escape to my reality, It became my little space when I wanted peace and silence. It became a therapy to my depression, I love how it feels when someone comments or likes my post, I feel appreciated and loved even I don't know who's reading.  Some People close to me don't understand why am I doing this and It hurts that they can't support me with what I do but those things didn't stop me from writing, This is who I am and this is  how I express myself. 
And for all those people who keeps believing and reading this blog, Thank You So Much! You are the reason why I am still writing.
Looking forward to a better 2015!

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