Monday, January 19, 2015

Dance to the Beat of Your Dreams this 2015

Okay It's 2015,New Clothes, New Hair, New Shoes and Definitely a New 2015 Belle De Jour Planner.
This is already my Second Planner, I got my first planner in the middle of 2014 that's why I haven't maximized the use of it. Now, Someone gave it to me and  I literally squealed when my Boyfriend gave it to me as His Christmas present.
Just like the old times, Belle de Jour still has its chic cover that attracts every ladies out there. It contains different features that helps ladies do their planning for the whole year plus Fab coupons that will give you amazing discounts and freebies for the whole year..
And speaking of which, Planning is one vital part of living. It is the stepping stone in achieving the Goals that we want to achieve, If you have Plans and Actions there is no wonder you'll be achieving your dreams anytime soon.
Here's a glimpse of what you shouldn't miss with the new Belle de Jour 
2015 planner with Its new advocacy "Dance to the Beat of Your Dreams"
This part is an Inspiring letter from the BDJ Team  which talks about to the beat of your Dreams
Here's my favorite part "  the dream board" this part is still on process and I'm so excited to finish this soon

 The Menstrual tracker 
 This part is one of their new features. So If you are a BDJ subscriber, This one is for you!
 Events Tracker 
Booklet of Coupons!
Lifestyle Card that can be used to ZAP merchants 

There are still more Features but better check it yourself! Go Get One NOW!!

 It's already Mid-January, Have you planned anything yet? If not, Maybe Belle de Jour can Help you! 

Have an Awesome 2015!
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